Calculation-driven embedded links

To enable customers who want to extend to more complex solutions, you can manipulate your data using the Boo calculation language.

For information about designing and using calculations in Service Desk or Asset Manager, see Calculations, and the Ivanti community web site. For information about Boo, see

For example, using the calculation editor, you can create calculations that can generate a hyperlink that is based on a value taken from your database. For example, you could generate a link that launches the Ivanti Endpoint Manager remote control functionality for the specific computer that an incident has been logged for, and then include this link on the Web Access incident window. This single window design can then automatically include a link for whichever computer the incident was logged for.

You can also use similar calculations to change the appearance of the screens that appear, based on information that is provided as the screen is completed. For example, if a Change is logged that is related to a server, then you can use a window calculation so that server-specific fields appear on the window that the user can use.