Live data connection and lookup

There are several ways in which you can incorporate live data from an external data source into Service Desk or Asset Manager.

Firstly, you can connect to and publish information from external data sources and display it live on Service Desk or Asset Manager windows. For example, instead of importing your user records from Active Directory or eDirectory, you can refer directly to these records from your Incident window. This data is read-only; you cannot update external data in this way, which protects the integrity of the external data. For information about how to add direct lookup from external data sources onto your Service Desk or Asset Manager windows, see Direct lookup from external data sources.

Also, you can create data connections to most external data sources (see Data connections). These connections can be used for data import, but can also be queried from within Service Desk or Asset Manager, giving your users access to this information from within Service Desk and Asset Manager dashboards or shortcuts. For example, your analysts' dashboard could include information about the state of your IT infrastructure using data taken from Ivanti Endpoint Manager or other such tools.