IBM mainframe

You can import IBM mainframe hardware and software data into License Optimizer using the Data Import functionality, described in Importing data. You can also create these records manually in License Optimizer from the Hardware or Software page respectively. For more information, see Hardware and Software.

For products that use a Value Unit metric:

  • Each IBM mainframe product with a Value Unit metric has a conversion matrix called a Value Unit Exhibit (VUE) for converting from some designated measurement to Value Units. Most commonly, IBM designate Millions of Service Units (MSUs) as the measurement to be converted to Value Units. (Other measurements include engines or messages).
  • VUEs are uniquely identified by a three digit code and referred to using the nomenclature VUExxx, where xxx is the three digit code. The VUE used for the product is specified in the product’s IBM announcement letter.
    To see IBM announcement letters, go to:
    To see the VUEs on IBM's website, go to:

You can calculate liability for products using the VU metric in either of the following ways:

Manually calculate the liability
You can manually calculate the liability and enter the liability using the Unassigned to OSIs tab on the Software page. For more information, see Software.

You can download and install the IBM Value Unit Converter Tool to calculate the liability, or manually calculate the liability using the relevant VUE.

Configure License Optimizer to calculate the liability
You can add the VUE bands to the Product Metric Configuration in License Optimizer allowing the liability to be calculated automatically. You do this using the Configure by Product tab on the Reconciliation page. For more information, see Product Metric Configuration: Add / Edit Value Unit Bands.

When the VUE bands have been configured, you can enter the MSU capacity for the mainframe using the Unassigned to OSIs tab on the Software page. For more information, see Software.