The All Contracts tab of the Licenses & Contracts page stores information about contracts with vendors. You can use License Optimizer as a single repository to store all relevant information about a contract and as a checklist to ensure that all areas of a contract have been considered.

You can enter further information by adding custom fields. For more information, see Custom fields.

Viewing contracts

Click Licenses under Entitlement on the menu bar to display the Licenses & Contracts page, then click the All Contracts tab. Use the filter bar to filter the contracts as required.

Creating a contract record

You can create new contracts from the All Contracts tab of the Licenses & Contracts page.

To create a new contract record:

1.Click Add New Contract from the gears menu on the All Contracts tab.
The Add New Contract page appears.

2.Complete the fields in the Identification and Coverage sections as required.
If required, you can create complex contract structures by using the Parent Contract field to link the contract to a Parent Contract. The Parent Contract field uses both the Contract Number and the Contract Description combined to help you to identify the correct contract. If a parent contract has start and end dates specified, they are passed down to any contracts linked to it.

When a contract is linked to a parent contract, it is no longer be visible in the contracts grid unless you expand the parent contract.

Displaying parent contract with child contract

3.In the Contract Details section, select the Supplier of the contract.
If the supplier is not listed, click to display the Add Supplier dialog and add a new supplier.

4.Complete any fields required in the Additional Details section, then click Save.

Additional functionality

When you have saved the Contract record, you can add more information:

Notes – click Notes at the top of the page to show or hide the Notes pane. The Notes button displays the number of notes that have been created for the selected contract.
To add a new note, click on the Notes pane to display the note fields. Select a Type for the note, enter the note, then click OK.

Licenses tab – enables you to link licenses to the contract record using the linked licenses grid, which displays all of the licenses linked to the selected contract. From the Linked Licenses gears menu, click:

New License to create new licenses that is linked to the selected contract.

Link License to select existing licenses to link to the selected contract.

Remove License to unlink licenses from the selected contract. (Alternatively, click alongside the appropriate license).

Attachments tab – enables you to attach related files and links with each contract record.
Click Add New Attachment, then either browse for a file or enter a URL and then click Insert to save the attachment.

You can edit a contract record either by clicking the hyperlink for the required contract record in the contracts list, or by selecting check box for the contract then clicking Edit from the gears menu on the All Contracts tab.

For information about matching licenses to contracts during import, see Creating a new data source.