License information is a key component of License Optimizer, as it is used in reconciliation as the benchmark of what licenses have been purchased. This is then reconciled with any licensable software to provide business Intelligence.

You can import license information into License Optimizer or add it manually. For information on importing data, see Importing data. For information on adding a license record to License Optimizer, see Adding a new license.

Viewing licenses

To see the list of licenses in License Optimizer:

1.Click Licenses under Entitlement on the menu bar.
The Licenses & Contracts page appears, showing all unmatched licenses. These are license records that have been imported into License Optimizer but which could not be automatically matched to a product in the License Optimizer Software Library. For information on license matching, see License Matching.

2.To view matched licenses, use the filter bar above the Licenses & Contracts list to display the required licenses.

Status column

When the Licenses grid displays matched licenses, a Status column appears that shows whether a license is suitable for use in reconciliation. Before any imported licenses can be used by reconciliation they must include mandatory details such as a valid metric, entitlement type, maintenance end dates for maintenance licenses, and so on. A filter on this column enables you to display All, Valid, or Invalid licenses.

appears in the Status column for any license where any of the required details are missing. Hover over this icon to see the missing details in a tooltip. Click the license to edit it and supply those missing details.

appears in the Status column for any license that has all its required details.

Duplicating licenses

You can create a duplicate of a license, to use as a starting point for a new license record.

To duplicate a license record:

1.Select the check box alongside the license that you want to duplicate.

2.Click Duplicate from the Licenses page gears menu.
The Add License page for the duplicate appears.

For information about editing licenses, see Editing licenses.