Maintenance licenses

You need the following items configured before a maintenance license can be calculated correctly:

  • Set the License Type to Maintenance on the License Details section of the License page
  • Set a Maintenance Path in the License Optimizer Software Library for the product
  • Set release dates in the License Optimizer Software Library for the product versions contained in the Maintenance Path

You always need a Maintenance Path to group the product versions together for maintenance path calculation purposes, even if there is only one version of the product. The order of product versions within the Maintenance Path is not important, as License Optimizer calculates the order based on the release dates of the product versions.

A maintenance license can apply to any product in the “path” that was released before the end of the maintenance period, inherently providing both downgrade and upgrade rights simultaneously.

The Release Date is required so that the Reconciliation process can correctly take into account the Maintenance From/To dates, product version release dates and Maintenance Type (Base, Renewal, Subscription, Term, Reinstatement, and so on).

For more information on Maintenance Paths and Release Dates, see Software Library.