Software Library

Underpinning License Optimizer is a comprehensive library of software titles that are used to match against software inventory data and license data. You use the License Optimizer Software Library for many tasks including:

  • Searching for existing products and creating new products
  • Specifying a vendor owner or product owner for the organization
  • Investigating how a product is configured or customizing a product
  • Adding a product to a bundle of software or suite of software
  • Creating product paths
  • Assigning SKUs, pricing, and / or metrics to a product
  • Allocating products to a product category (or product categories) and / or Software Lifecycle Stage
  • Configuring license calculation setting for OSI environments

A video that gives an overview of License Optimizer, including how the DSL is used to match discovered software with discovered licenses, is available: Conceptual Overview (4:39)

To find an item in the library:

1.On the menu bar, under Data Management, click Software Library.
The Software Library appears. At the top is the selection panel, with the Details panel below.

Software Library page

2.Click Quick Search.
The Quick Search dialog appears.

3.Type part of the name of the item you want to find in the box, then click Search.
A data grid appears showing matching items.

4.Use the data grid controls to find the item you require, highlight it in the data grid, then click Select.
The Quick Search dialog closes and the Software Library page updates to show the details for the selected item.

Alternatively, you can use the three panes Vendors, Products, and Items in the Selection panel to select a vendor, then a product, and finally a specific item to display the details. These panes have filter controls at the top of each pane, and paging controls at the bottom to help you to find the required items. The Library drop-downs in each pane enable you to show results from the Global library (created by Ivanti and provided with License Optimizer), your own library, or Both.

For information about using Add New Price Rule to add price rules to the pricing calculations used during reconciliation, see Software Library page: Pricing tab.

The Display Licensable Products Only check box at the top of the page enables you to filter out any non-licensable software if required. You can refresh the page by clicking and use the Last Selected drop-down to navigate to products you have previously viewed.