Software Library page: Licensing tab

The Licensing tab for a software title on the Software Library page displays the metrics and SKUs associated with the selected item. License Optimizer provides a number of default metrics, or you can create your own.

Software Library - Licensing tab

For more information on metrics, see Previous Reconciliations.

To add a metric to a product:

1.Select the required metric from the Metric drop-down list, then click .
The metric appears in the Added Metrics list.

2.Use the icon to drag the metrics in the Added Metric list to the priority order that you want to use them in during reconciliation, or click Trash icon alongside a metric to remove it from a product.

SKUs and Prices

A SKU (stock keeping unit) is a unique identifier that vendors may apply to their product licenses. You can use SKUs in License Optimizer to link licenses to metrics and pricing, and to make adding new licenses easier.

To add a SKU to a metric:

1. Click Add SKU from the gears menu on the Licensing tab.
The Add SKU dialog appears.

2.Select the required Metric, SKU Number, and enter a Description.

3.If required, add the following values:

License Agreement – the name of the license agreement, linked to the vendor

Pack Size – the number of licenses in the SKU

Cores (Microsoft only) – the number of processor cores covered by the license

License Type – select from Base, Upgrade, or Maintenance

4.Click Save.
The SKU is added to the selected item and you are prompted to add pricing for the SKU.

5.Click Yes.
The Add Price dialog appears.

6.Select a Price List to add the new price to, and specify the new Price, then click Add.
The new price is linked with the entered SKU and metric for the selected product.

Click expand icon to the left of a metric to see its SKUs.

Licensing tab - SKUs expansion pane

Click alongside a SKU to delete it, or double-click it to edit it or its associated prices.