Previous Reconciliations

Click Reconciliations under Reporting on the menu bar to see a list of previous reconciliations.

Reconciliation page: Reconciliations tab

Products, Metrics and Roles

The following definitions apply within License Optimizer:

Product – the software application

Metric – the unit in which the liability for products are measured

Software User Roles – if a product’s metric is user-based, there may be more than one type of user associated with it, for example Full Access User, Authorized User

Resource Usage Roles – if a product’s metric is based on resource usage, there may be one or more resource usage roles associated with it

Relationships between products, metrics and roles

Note that:

a product has at least one metric

metrics may have one or more software user roles

metrics may have one or more resource usage roles

metrics may have neither resource usage roles, nor software user roles

The Reconciliation page contains five tabs:

Click Start Reconciliation to run a new reconciliation. For more information, see Start Reconciliation.

Click Reconciliation Compare to compare two snapshot dates (full reconciliations only). For more information, see Comparing reconciliations.

Click the Refresh Data icon to refresh the reconciliation records data in the data grid.

Click the Reconciliation page gears menu to create new metrics or roles. For more information, see the Configure by Metric and Configure by Role tabs above.