Adding software to an OSI

You can manually add a software record to an OSI from the Software page.

To add a software record to an OSI:

1.Click Add to OSI on the Software page gears menu.
The Add Software page appears.

2.Specify the following properties for the new software record:

Product – click the Search DSL button to search for the required product within the License Optimizer Software Library,

License metric

OSI environment policy – for more information on OSI Environment Policies, see Default Settings.


Business unit

3.Click Save & Close.
The record is saved and the Software page reappears.

Duplicating records

The Duplicate option in the Software page gears menu enables you to duplicate a selected software record as the basis for creating a new record. Selecting Duplicate displays the Add Software page with all of the fields completed except for OSI so that you can then edit any properties as required, and select the required OSI.

You must specify an OSI on which to create the duplicate record before you can save it.