Resource Usage

The Resource Usage page records software usage that is not detected by an audit tool, such as software that is licensed using a Terabyte metric or the IBM Resource Value Unit metric.

The Resource Usage page has three tabs:

Matched Usage

Unmatched Usage

Usage Cost

Matched Usage

Resource Usage page: Matched Usage tab

You use the Matched Usage tab to manage and add new resource usage records.

To add a new resource usage record:

1.On the Matched Usage tab, click Add New Record.
The Add Resource Usage Details dialog appears.

2.Enter the Business Unit, Product, Measurement, and Quantity.

If you create a resource usage record with the same Business Unit, Product, and Measurement as an existing record, the total quantity is used in reconciliation.

3.Click OK.
The new usage record is created.

To edit an existing resource usage record, click the required record in the data grid. To delete an existing resource usage record, click alongside the record you want to delete.

Unmatched Usage

Resource Usage page: Unmatched Usage tab

The Unmatched Usage tab shows imported records where the product has not been recognized (where License Optimizer could not definitively match the record to a product in the License Optimizer Software Library). Software records must be linked to a product listed in the Software Library or they are not included in reconciliation. To match these records to an entry in the License Optimizer Software Library, use software teaching. For more information on software teaching, see Software Teaching.

Usage Cost

The Usage Cost tab displays both matched and unmatched resource usage records that have an associated cost.