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Ivanti Data Services

Ivanti Data Services combines data discovered from your IT estate into a single repository that can then be accessed by License Optimizer. Currently, Data Services has connectors to:

Microsoft Active Directory

Ivanti Data Center Discovery

Ivanti Endpoint Manager

Microsoft SCCM

If you want to import data from any of these data sources, then Ivanti Data Services is the recommended method. The first step for importing data from Data Services is to set up a Connector Server.

To set up a Connector Server:

1.On the menu bar, expand Data Management, then click Data Import.
The Data Import page appears.

2.Under Connector Types, click the Configure Connectors tile.
A new window appears showing the Sign in to Ivanti Cloud page.

3.Enter your Ivanti Cloud credentials, then click Sign In.
The Data Connections page for your Ivanti Cloud account appears. Any existing Connector Servers appear as tiles.

4.Click Add Server.
A dialog appears enabling you to download the installer for the Ivanti Cloud Agent.

5.Download the agent and install it on a device that has access to the data sources you require. If you are gathering data from Endpoint Manager, install the connector server on the core.

After a short while, the Connector Server appears, and you can add a connector to it.

To add a connector:

1.On the tile for the Connector Server, click Add Connector and select the required connector type.
The Setup panel appears.

2.Complete the mandatory fields, set a schedule, then click Save and Run.
The agent is configured and will collect data appropriately. This may take some time.

What next?

Now that we've set up Ivanti Data Services, we can create a data import connection in License Optimizer: Import inventory.

More information – link to Ivanti product documentation, where you can access information about Data Center Discovery and Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Cloud – information about configuring your Ivanti Cloud system

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