You can create dashboards to view real-time business intelligence to help you to drive governance, reduce risk, and manage compliance across your entire software landscape. There are also some dashboards that are available immediately. One such dashboard, called Estate Overview, is particularly useful already and is the page that appears as soon as you log in.

To view information about your IT estate:

1.On the menu bar, expand Reporting, expand the Dashboards sub-menu, then click Estate Overview.
A dashboard appears, showing a number of charts. We can filter these charts to show just the information we are interested in. Let's look at information about Microsoft.

This dashboard is the dashboard that appears when you first log in. You can also display it by clicking the Ivanti logo at the top of the page.

2.Click Vendors in the filter bar above the dashboard.
The Select Vendors dialog appears.

3.Select the check box alongside Microsoft, then click OK.
The filter is selected. We now need to apply it.

4.Click .
The filters are applied and the dashboard updates.

What next?

We have imported our hardware and software, so let's take a closer look at our hardware: Hardware.

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