In the previous section, we imported our software data along with the hardware that it is installed on and the users who use it.

Our estimated license position is the estimate of the difference between our software usage and our software entitlement. The work we have done so far has helped us to understand our software usage, the next step is to import our license information so that we can understand our software entitlement.

Your suppliers can provide you with your license record. We recommend that you focus your investigations on a specific vendor, rather than trying to determine your entire estimated license position straight away, as we find that this will provide you with useful information more quickly and will also help you to work on other vendors more efficiently in future.

Typically, you import your license records into License Optimizer from a spreadsheet. In the following example, we will import Microsoft licenses from a spreadsheet called a Microsoft License Statement or MLS. This is the standard format that Microsoft presents its license statement.

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