Agent Management

Click Agent Management under Configuration on the menu bar to display the Agent Management page where you can manage the import agents used by License Optimizer.

Setting up and configuring the Import Agent

The import agents provided with License Optimizer act as intermediary programs between License Optimizer and other systems that you import data from. To use the import agents, you need to install the Core Control Agent Tool and the Import Agent, and then use the Core Control Agent Tool to configure the Import Agent.

To install the Core Control Agent Tool and the Import Agent:

1.Click Agent Management under Configuration on the menu bar.
The Agent Management page appears.

2.Click Download Import Agent at the top of the page.
The file is downloaded.

3.Extract the files from

4.Run Setup.exe from the AgentTool folder.
The Core Control Agent Tool is installed.

5.Run Setup.exe from the ImportAgent folder.
The Import Agent is installed.

When you have installed the Core Control Agent Tool and the Import Agent, you can configure the agent to connect to your Discovery Services. We recommend that you create a new user account to use as the import agent user. For information about creating user accounts, see Managing users.

To configure the Import Agent:

1.Create a new import agent user in License Optimizer, and log in as this user to fully activate the user account.

2.Open the file bootstrapImportData.config from the download folder in a text editor and change the <UserName> and <Password> values to match the credentials for the new import agent user that you created above.

3.Save this file to the folder \Core Control Import Agent\Templates where you installed the Import Agent.

4.Start Core Control Agent Tool from the Start menu using Run as administrator.
The Core Control Agent Tool dialog appears.

5.Click Load data from config file, and open the bootstrapImportData.config you edited above.

6.Complete the fields in the Discovery Datasource group with the API for the Discovery endpoint and the Discovery Services Credentials.

7.Set the Schedule as required, then click Save datasource changes to config file.
The agent is configured.

8.From the Windows Services applet, start the Core Control Import Agent service.

Agent List

When you have installed and configured agents, they communicate with License Optimizer and appear on the Agent Management page.

Agent Management page: Agent List

This page lists all agents that have been configured for License Optimizer. For each agent, you can see the Agent Type, Version, and Created Date. The Status column indicates whether the agent is running and the Last Status indicates any issues that occurred when the agent last ran.

Agent Settings

To view and edit the settings for an agent, click Settings alongside the appropriate agent. The Agent Settings dialog appears, enabling you to change the Agent Name, the Interval (how regularly the agent runs) and Polltime (how often License Optimizer contacts the agent).

To pause the agent, select the Pause check box.

You can also specify shutdown times for the agent (times between which the agent will not run) by clicking Add in the Shutdown Times section to display the Shutdown Time dialog and then specifying the Start Time and End Time for the shutdown period in your time zone. Any shutdown times appear in the Shutdown Times list, from where you can edit or delete them.