Creating a new scenario model: Outcomes stage

Add New Scenario Model page: Outcomes stage

Outcomes are used to configure the calculations that the system applies in order to show scenario results. By default, it is configured to show:

  • Cost to Service Upfront
  • Costs of Service Recurring
  • Cost of Change
  • Compliance
  • License Cost
  • Shortfall
  • Surplus
  • Cost Analysis
  • Asset Value
  • Potential Savings/Costs over 12 months
  • Budget vs Scenario calculated costs

The Outcomes stage of the Create New Scenario Model process enables you to edit the formula for calculating Cost Of Change values and Cost Of Service values. Typically, you do not need to change this section.

Click Edit alongside a cost to display the Edit Outcomes dialog.

Outcomes stage - Edit Outcomes pop-up screen

Use the mathematical symbols and costs displayed to create a formula, which you can use to calculate the selected cost, then click OK.

If you change a cost formula, you must click Save alongside the edited cost before leaving the Outcomes stage, otherwise they will be discarded.


The next stage in the process is Creating a new scenario model: Result stage.