Data Summary page: License Movements tab

The License Movements tab on the Data Summary page contains a data grid detailing license movements (downgrades, upgrades, or transfers).

Data Summary page: License Movements tab

You can view data for only one type of license movement at a time. Click the Downgrades, Upgrades, or Transfers option button at the top of the License Movements tab to switch between the different types.

The License Movements key is also shown at the top of the tab:

License Movements tab - License Movements key

This key indicates the direction of the license movement. In the example shown below, you can determine that:

  • Five VERITAS InfoScale Storage 7.0 Unix/Linux – Tier B product licenses with a Symantec – Server license metric (the Product, Metric, and Qty listed in the From columns indicated by the olive color shading)
  • Have been downgraded (the Downgrades option is selected to filter the License Movements data grid for downgrades)
  • To cover 5 Symantec Corporation Storage Foundation Standard for Solaris 5.0 Tier 1B/B installs with a Symantec – Server metric (the Product, Metric, and Qty listed in the To columns indicated by the green color shading).

License Movements tab: Example

You can navigate, sort, and filter the data grid, and also export data from it using the data export options in the menu for each column. For more information on data grids, see Viewing pages of data.