Data Summary page: Maintenance Paths tab

Data Summary page: Maintenance Paths tab

The Maintenance Paths tab on the Data Summary page contains a data grid view of all maintenance paths used during the reconciliation. You can navigate, sort, and filter the data grid, and also export data from it using the data export options in the menu for each column. For more information on data grids, see Viewing pages of data.

The Status column shows the one of the following colored icons:

red – maintenance paths that may have incorrect release dates

amber – maintenance paths that may contain one or more products that are missing release dates

green – maintenance paths that contain release dates for all products (and that License Optimizer estimates to be correct)

Click the link in the Maintenance Path column to display the Maintenance Path Details dialog for the selected maintenance path.

Maintenance Paths tab - Maintenance Path Details pop-up screen

The Maintenance Path Details dialog shows the products contained in the maintenance path in priority order. The columns show:

Snapshot Release Date – the release date identified in the Software Library for the product

Calculated Release Date – the release date used in the reconciliation

Release Date Status – identifies any issues with the release dates for products in the maintenance path