Enabling the compliance remediation page

If a device is not in compliance, authentication traffic to Access is blocked and the user is presented with an Internet unavailable error. The error is logged in Access in Reports > Errors.

Enabling Compliance Remediation Page allows you to specify a customized remediation page to the device user.

  • This feature is not available for Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry deployments.
  • If split tunneling is configured, only authentication traffic is blocked. All other traffic is allowed to destination.

Before you begin 

Ensure that you have created a remediation page to present to users from non-compliant devices. For information on creating a custom remediation page, see Adding a remediation page.


1. In Access, navigate to Profile > Conditional Access.
2. For Compliance Remediation Page, slide the toggle to ON.

3. From the drop-down list, select a remediation page.
The remediation page is presented to users attempting to access a cloud service from a non-compliant device.
4. Click Save and publish the changes.