Adding your enrolled devices to your MDM server

After completing your Device Enrollment, you must add devices to your MDM server.

Before you begin 

Complete the procedure in Creating an Apple Device Enrollment profile for Apple School Manager.


  1. Log in to the Apple School Manager portal.
  2. Select Devices > Device Assignments.
  3. On the Manage Devices page, select the method by which you want to add devices, and take action accordingly.

    Choose Devices By...


    Serial Number

    Enter one or more comma-separated serial numbers for the devices you want to assign.

    Order Number

    Choose an order

    • Click the Order Number radio button.
    • Select a specific order number from the Choose an order drop-down list.
    • A list of devices purchased with that order number displays.

    Upload CSV File

    • Click the Upload CSV File radio button.
    • Click the Choose File link to select a CSV file you created for the devices you want to assign.
  4. Select Assign to Server.
  5. From the Choose MDM Server drop-down list, select your instance of Ivanti EPMM.
  6. Click Done.

    The devices are assigned.

  7. Switch to the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal.
  8. Select Devices & Users > Apple Device Enrollment.
  9. Click Check for Updates.

    Ivanti EPMM retrieves the new devices.

For more information, see the Apple School Manager User Guide on the Apple website. A login is required.

Next steps 

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