Disabling Apple Education in Ivanti EPMM

When disabling Apple Education in Ivanti EPMM, Ivanti EPMM deletes all Apple School Manager data from its database, including:

  • Apple Education entities, such as courses, classes, teachers, and students
  • Certificate policies

Ivanti EPMM does not delete:

  • Labels associated with Apple School Manager
  • Assignments
  • Custom attributes
  • Local CAs and certificates

Before you begin 

Before disabling Apple Education in Ivanti EPMM, you must do the following:

  1. Retrieve all Apple School Manager devices.
  2. Make sure no devices are in lost mode.
  3. Wipe all Apple School Manager devices.
  4. Retire all Apple School Manager devices from Ivanti EPMM.


  1. Select Devices & Users > Apple Education.

    A toggle button on the page reads On.

  2. Select the toggle button to disable Apple Education.

    Ivanti EPMM shows a warning message.

  3. Select Disable Apple Education.

    The toggle now reads Off.

  • For details about wiping a device, see Wipe.
  • For details about retiring devices, see “Retiring Devices” in the Getting Started with Ivanti EPMM.