Exporting an MDM profile from Ivanti EPMM -

Versions of Ivanti EPMM prior to require exporting an iOS MDM profile prior to importing the profile into Apple Configurator, so that the MDM profile may be applied to devices using Apple Configurator.


  1. In the Admin Portal, select Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. Select the System - iOS MDM setting, and select Export MDM Profile.
  3. Save the file to your local drive.

    The file will have a .mobileconfig extension.

  4. Tether the device.
  5. Prepare your devices and import the MDM profile using Apple Configurator, as described in Preparing devices.
  6. Follow the steps in Creating and applying a blueprint.
  7. For unsupervised devices, respond to the profile installation prompts displayed on the device.

    Prompts do not display on supervised devices.

  8. Confirm that the registration has been completed on Ivanti EPMM. The devices should be visible in the Admin Portal after they check in.

    If you did not bulk-register the devices, they will be displayed in the Admin Portal with the "<Anonymous>" user account. When a device user installs and signs in to Ivanti Mobile@Work , Ivanti EPMM switches the device to that user's account.