Using Apple Configurator to register an Apple device with Ivanti EPMM

This procedure is incompatible with Apple School Manager iOS devices, and can only be done with on-premise installations of Ivanti EPMM.

Apple Configurator allows you to provision devices using mobile device management (MDM) without having to download and manage configuration profiles. This is supported in Ivanti EPMM through the latest release.

Provisioning one or more devices involves the following main steps:

  1. Deleting all content and settings from an iOS device
  2. Creating a Wi-Fi profile
  3. Preparing devices
  4. Creating and applying a blueprint

Deleting all content and settings from an iOS device

You may wish to delete all content from the device before you begin. Otherwise, the device will download a new version of iOS from Apple servers, a process that may be very time consuming.


To remove all content from the device, select Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings on the iOS device.

Creating a Wi-Fi profile

Ivanti, Inc recommends creating a Wi-Fi profile so as to configure Wi-Fi for the device immediately. This allows the device to more quickly access Ivanti EPMM and receive the configurations for device enrollment.

Before you begin 

Before creating a Wi-Fi profile, you must have completed Deleting all content and settings from an iOS device.


  1. Create a Wi-Fi profile.

  2. Define Wi-Fi settings.

Preparing devices

Preparing devices is the first step in any iOS device deployment for Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. You need to prepare devices before you distribute them to users. To accomplish this task, you use the Prepare Assistant in Apple Configurator.


  • Prepare your devices for manual enrollment.
  • For the host name or URL of the MDM server, either accept the default path populated by Apple Configurator:

    Or enter the full path with the following syntax:

Apple Configurator may show a message such as the following: "Unable to verify the server's enrollment URL." If so, disregard this message.

Creating and applying a blueprint

The blueprint is an Apple Configurator feature that allows you to create a sort of template for the device, including the URL of the MDM server (Ivanti EPMM) and the Wi-Fi profile you created in Creating a Wi-Fi profile. The blueprint allows you to point to a set of configurations during setup, rather than having to specify each configuration repeatedly.

Before you begin 

Before creating a blueprint, you must have completed Creating a Wi-Fi profile.


  1. Create a blueprint.

  2. In the blueprint, specify whether you want to include an MDM profile you exported from Ivanti EPMM, as described in Exporting an MDM profile from Ivanti EPMM - This step is only necessary when using versions of Ivanti EPMM earlier than
  3. Select the Wi-Fi profile you created in Creating a Wi-Fi profile.
  4. Tether the device to the computer:
    1. Use a USB cable to connect the iOS device to the computer you are using to create the blueprint in Apple Configurator 2.
    2. Select the tethered device.
    3. Select Actions > Apply > Name of your MDM Server.
    4. Repeat with any additional devices.
  5. Apply the blueprint, as described in the link in step 1.