Customizing the multi-user secure sign-in web clip

You can change the look and feel of the multi-user secure sign-in web clip for iOS devices.

Possible changes include:

  • A customized touch icon for the web clip
  • Removing the icon from iOS screens
  • Running the web clip in full-screen mode (except when using Ivanti Tunnel or VPN Safari domain rules)
  • Enabling a pre-composed web clip touch icon, so that devices running versions of iOS prior to iOS 7 will display the icon, as designed, without any additional effects imposed on touch icons on versions of iOS prior to 7


  1. Go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. Select the System - Multi-User Secure Sign-In configuration. The Configuration Details pane displays on the right.
  3. Select Edit. The Modify Web Clips Setting window displays.
  4. Select the Secure Sign-In web clip link. The Edit Web Clip dialog box opens.
  5. Use the Secure sign-in web clip window to edit the web clip as desired, options are listed in the table below.
  6. Select Save.
  7. In the Edit Web Clip Setting window, select Save.

Table 1. Options for Editing




Do not modify the name of the web clip.


This URL points to the default multi-user sign-in page that is included with Ivanti EPMM. The page is located at https://<your host name>/mifs/c/multiuser.html. Modify the URL if you wish to point to a customized multi-user sign-in page.


By default, this points to the multi-user sign-in web clip touch icon shown in Using Secure Sign-In and Sign-Out.

To upload a customized touch icon:

  1. Select Browse.

  2. Select the customized icon.

  3. Select Open.


Select to allow iOS device users to remove the multi-user web clip.

Full Screen

Select to enable the web clip to display in full screen mode on iOS devices.

Full screen mode will not work for web clips when devices running iOS 8 or supported newer versions use Ivanti Tunnel or Safari domain VPN rules.


Select to use a precomposed icon for the web clip. Precomposed icons will display on iOS 6 through iOS 7 devices as designed, without the imposing of iOS visual effects.