Registration methods

Registering a device designates it for management by Ivanti EPMM.

Support for Android 5.0 and 5.1 has ended. Ivanti EPMM server will still allow existing registered devices with Android 5.0 / 5.1 to run.

Before you begin 

Setting the registration PIN code length for device user registration

The following registration methods are available:

The process resulting from these methods may vary by device OS.

Administrator invites device users to register

For device users who are mobility savvy and do not require significant assistance, you can send an invitation and enable them to register their own phones. You can send an invitation to multiple users from the Users Management screen. The invitation includes instructions on how to log into the user portal to register phones.

The administrator needs to know the following information for the device:

  • Phone number (if any)

  • Country

  • Platform

Invite users to register

Users register additional devices

Once a device has been registered, an authorized user can use the user portal to register additional devices without administrative help. This is often used with adding devices for users who do not require assistance.

  • Users must have the User Portal role assigned, with the Device Registration option enabled.

  • The user needs to know the following information for the device:
    • phone number (if any)

    • country

    • platform

Self-service User Portal

Administrator registers ActiveSync devices

If you have a Sentry configured, then you can see the devices that are connecting to your ActiveSync server. To incorporate these devices into your Ivanti EPMM inventory, you can use the Register button in the ActiveSync Associations screen. This is often used with devices accessing email via ActiveSync.

  • Sentry must be installed and configured.

  • The user (local or LDAP) associated with the device must be available for selection at the time of registration.

  • For iOS, Android, and Windows devices, the User Portal role must be assigned to the user.

  • You need to know the following information for the device:
    • phone number (if any)

    • country code

    • platform

ActiveSync device registration