Main steps for configuring Ivanti [email protected] for Android AppConnect (Ivanti EPMM)

Complete the following basic tasks to set up [email protected] for Android AppConnect and distribute content sites:

Set up app distribution

You can set up app distribution as an in-house app. In addition to [email protected], the following apps are required for [email protected] for Android:

The apps must be added to the app storefront as in-house apps for distribution. You can download the apps from the software download page on

To distribute the apps as in-house apps:


  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Apps > App Catalog.
  2. Select Android from the Select Platform list.
  3. Click Add+ to open app wizard.
  4. Click In-house.
  5. Click Browse and navigate to the AppConnect app (.apk) you want to upload.
  6. (Optional) Enter a description for the app. Ivanti recommends that you add the following app descriptions:
    • [email protected]: [email protected] gives you an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from content repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint.
    • Secure Apps Manager: Secure Apps Manager works with the [email protected] app to secure and manage secure apps on your device.
    • Email+: Email+ provides native email client experience with easy setup. It also provides other important emailing features.
    • [email protected]: [email protected] is a secure browser that allows your device users to easily and securely access your organization's web content.
  7. (Optional) Select a category if you would like to display the app in a specific group of apps on the device.
  8. Click Next.
  9. (Optional) Enter an Override URL if you are implementing an alternate URL for downloading secure apps. The URL must point to the secure app in its alternate location.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Select App Installation Settings.
  12. Select the Per App VPN settings you created for the app.
  13. Click Finish. The app is displayed in the App Catalog with an icon that identifies the app as an in-house app.
  14. Select the app in the app catalog.
  15. Click More Actions > Apply To Label.
  16. Select the labels that you want to apply to the app.
  17. Click Apply.

Standalone Sentry configured for ActiveSync is required to open encrypted email attachments in [email protected]