Before installing Ivanti Standalone Sentry

Ensure that DNS is set up to direct Ivanti Standalone Sentry to a valid internal IP address when it looks up the FQDN of UEM.

If you did not set up the DNS before installing the Sentry, then after the initial Sentry setup, you must add a Host entry in the Sentry System Manager. To add a host, in the Sentry System Manager, go to Settings > Static Hosts.

Create a VM that meets the specifications recommended by Ivanti.

See Virtual Ivanti Standalone Sentry requirements for specifications. The Ivanti Standalone Sentry installation will complete the installation based on the resources you have configured; the installation script does not provide an opportunity to select a deployment size (i.e., small, medium, etc.).

Failing to size the VM according to the minimum specification results in a daily error message in the System log.

Ivanti Standalone Sentry installation uses a wizard for an easier process. Before using this wizard, Ivanti recommends gathering the necessary information needed to input into the wizard. See Gather Ivanti Standalone Sentry installation setup information.

You must have already deployed either Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM. Ivanti Standalone Sentry installation on premise is supported for Ivanti EPMM and Ivanti Neurons for MDM.