Registering Ivanti Standalone Sentry to Ivanti Neurons for MDM

This procedure only applies to Ivanti Neurons for MDM deployments.

After installing Ivanti Standalone Sentry, register the Sentry with Ivanti Neurons for MDM. You can Ivanti Standalone Sentry from the Standalone Sentry command line interface.


1. At the Ivanti Standalone Sentry command line prompt, enter enable.
2. Enter the enable privileged password.
3. Enter configure terminal.
4. Enter registration <user>.

<user> is the username ( of the Ivanti Neurons for MDM tenant admin.

5. Enter the tenant admin password when prompted.
6. Enter end.
7. Enter show registration status.
8. Confirm that the registration was successful.

The output of show registration status provides information whether or not the registration was successful.


sentry# show registration status

Sentry registration has been completed.

Registered successfully on Thu Feb 16 02:07:06 UTC 2017

User name used for registration: [email protected]


Next steps 

Create a profile for Standalone Sentry in Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

For information on how to create a profile for Ivanti Standalone Sentry and configure Ivanti Standalone Sentry for ActiveSync and AppTunnel, see the Sentry Guide for Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Accessing the Ivanti Standalone Sentry System Manager.

Software updates .