Setting the initial configuration of Standalone Sentry installed on Microsoft Azure

You do the initial configuration of Standalone Sentry in the configuration wizard, which is presented after the VM instance for Standalone Sentry is created and running. You configure system properties, administrator accounts, and network settings during initial installation.


1. SSH to the Standalone Sentry FQDN.

The FQDN for Standalone Sentry is

Example of the Standalone Sentry FQDN:

To check the DNS value given by Microsoft Azure, login to the Microsoft Azure portal, go to the resource group and click on the Sentry VM.

2. For username, enter azureuser.

For the first ssh access to Standalone Sentry, you must use azureuser for the username. For subsequent ssh access use the username you created in “Create the VM image and VM instance.”

3. For password, enter the value of the adminPassword you created when you installed Standalone Sentry on Microsoft Azure.

The Configuration Wizard starts.

4. Use the Configuration Wizard to set up Standalone Sentry.
5. Enter reload to complete the installation.

Ignore the Hostname warning. Microsoft Azure sets the hostname. Proceed with the reload and save the configuration.

The value of the adminPassword was created in Installing Standalone Sentry on Microsoft Azure.

For a description of the configuration wizard prompts and actions, see Standalone Sentry configuration wizard prompts and options.

Next steps 

Standalone Sentry configuration is done in the UEM platform you have deployed. Depending on whether you have deployed Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM, you will either add or register Standalone Sentry.

Secure the communication from your UEM to Standalone Sentry through an IPSec tunnel.

Table 11.   Next steps


Next Steps

Ivanti EPMM

For Ivanti EPMM deployments, configure Standalone Sentry in the  Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal. See Adding Standalone Sentry in Ivanti EPMM.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM

For Ivanti Neurons for MDM deployments, register Standalone Sentry to Ivanti Neurons for MDM. See Registering Standalone Sentry to Ivanti Neurons for MDM