[email protected] features

[email protected] app for iOS supports the following features:

[email protected] does not currently support video streaming.

[email protected] Feature

Platform Support


Secure access to websites hosted on servers behind your firewall, without requiring the device user to use VPN


[email protected] uses AppConnect and AppTunnel capabilities to provide this secure access.

You can use [email protected] without purchasing AppConnect for third-party or in-house apps and without purchasing AppTunnel.

Configuration: See [email protected] configuration

Support for Single Sign On using Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD)


Device users register [email protected] with Ivanti EPMM by entering their Ivanti credentials. They then use [email protected] to access an enterprise app server without having to enter any further credentials. This support depends on your environment being set up to use KCD, plus the necessary AppTunnel configuration.

See “Authentication using an identity certificate and Kerberos constrained delegation” in the Sentry Guide.

Admin-specified bookmarks


[email protected] supports bookmarks that you specify on the Admin Portal.

Configuration: See [email protected] configuration.

User-specified bookmarks


Device users can add, name, and remove bookmarks that they create.

Device users cannot delete or edit bookmarks that you specify in the Admin Portal.

On iOS, device users can organize their bookmarks so that they display between bookmarks that you specified.

Ability to provide different [email protected] settings to different devices and users


By using Ivanti EPMM’s labels, you can provide different [email protected] settings to different devices and users, depending on, for example, device attributes and user membership in the enterprise directory.

See “Using labels to establish groups” in the (Undefined variable: GlobalBookTitles.DMG_).

Web content presentation and interaction similar to Safari


Because [email protected] uses iOS web technologies, [email protected] automatically inherits any related iOS security updates that are installed on the device.

Ability to delete the cache, browsing history, and the user data such as password and other form-based auto-fill data after a defined time


Using a new key-value pair, you can delete sensitive user data after a defined time period. You can set the value using the clear_user_data_after_duration_in_minutes key in the admin portal.

The valid range for the key is 15-10080 minutes. If the key value is not in the valid range, the feature is disabled.

This feature is disabled by default.

Note The Following:  

The user data is not deleted when the device is locked and the time expires.

When the app is ready to delete the data in the background mode, it waits for 60 seconds until it deletes the data in this mode.

Ability to perform unified search


You can search the web using Google.

The search feature is disabled by default. To enable the search feature, add the following key-value pair in the [email protected] configuration on Ivanti EPMM:

"enable_search_results_feature_in_addressbar" = YES

If you are using http tunneling, you must whitelist the Google domain, google.com.

Ability to print documents from [email protected]


You can print documents from [email protected] based on the settings available on AppConnect global policy.

Browser data is encrypted while the device is locked with a passcode


This data includes the browser cache, HTML5 local storage, cookies, URL history, and bookmarks.

The security policy must require a device passcode on the iOS device to enable browser data encryption.

Prevent device user from opening a document in another app


This behavior protects secure documents from leaking to unsecured apps.

The behavior is controlled by the AppConnect global policy or AppConnect container policy.

Prevent the device user from pasting into other apps any data that the user copied from [email protected]


You can choose whether data can be copied from [email protected] to:

no other apps

any other app

only other AppConnect apps

This behavior is controlled by the Copy/Paste To field of the AppConnect global policy or AppConnect container policy.

These restrictions do not impact pasting data into [email protected] from other apps. For example, a device user can copy a URL from an unsecured app and paste it into the [email protected] address bar.

Also see: Configure an AppConnect container policy for [email protected]

URL schemes that open web pages automatically, and only, in [email protected]


See Click Save. Apply this [email protected] configuration to labels that identify the devices that should receive this configuration.

Allow Drag and Drop from [email protected] for iOS 11


You can drag content from [email protected] for iOS to other AppConnect or third party apps. The drag and drop is controlled by AppConnect Drag and Drop policy.

This is disabled by default.

Sharing links from [email protected]


You can share links from [email protected] app to email clients in the following way:

Using Share button: URL can be shared from [email protected] to an email client using Share button in the tool bar. This behavior is controlled by mailto_prefix and OpenIn policy.

Using Long press: Select the link you want to share, do a long press on the link and the share option is displayed. This feature is supported for email clients for which mailto_prefix key-value pair is configured, such as Email+, Divide, Native, and other AppConnect enabled email clients.

If mailto_prefix key is set: Enables sharing URL to email client based on the value set for mailto_prefix.

If mailto_prefix key is not set: By default native mail client is used to share the link through email.

Behavior is based on OpenIn:

  • If OpenIn = SecureApps: URL sharing is allowed through the native email client.
  • If OpenIn = Whitelist: If native email client's bundle Id is present in the whitelist, then URL sharing is allowed through the native mail client. Otherwise, sharing not allowed through the native email client.
  • If OpenIn = All apps: URL sharing is allowed through the native email client.
  • If OpenIn = Not allowed: Mail option is disabled and not appear.

This feature is supported for Email+ and native email client.

Importing and Exporting Bookmarks


You can export user added bookmarks as a file to any other app using the share bookmarks button.

The bookmarks file can be imported in [email protected] in any device.

The exported bookmark file extension is .wwbm.