Multithread support

Regarding multithread support:

The AppConnect library is thread-safe. Your app can concurrently call all methods of the AppConnect singleton object from multiple threads without deadlocking, crashing, corrupting data, or providing unpredictable results. Also on concurrent calls, the methods will not block for a long time.

Calls that the AppConnect library makes to AppConnectDelegate methods are dispatched to the delegate on the main thread.

Each secure file API has the same multithreading capabilities, if any, that the corresponding unsecured API has. This correspondence is true for the Posix-style APIs, the methods of ACFileHandle, and the Objective-C category methods that the AppConnect SDK provides. For example, if a POSIX function locks a file, the corresponding secure function honors that file locking. Refer to the documentation of the corresponding unsecured API for specifics. In general, however, use standard practices to serialize access to a file from multiple threads.

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