The AppConnect interface

The AppConnect interface provides your app’s primary interactions with the AppConnect library. The AppConnect interface declares static methods that your app uses to initialize its use of the AppConnect library and get the singleton instance of the AppConnect object. For details, see:

Use AppConnect’s UIApplication subclass

Initialize the AppConnect library.

The AppConnect interface also declares the properties and methods your app uses to interact with the AppConnect library. However, the app cannot access the instance properties on the AppConnect singleton until the AppConnect singleton has completed its initialization. For details about checking when the AppConnect singleton is ready, see:

Wait for the AppConnect singleton to be ready

AppConnect ready API details

For details each of the AppConnect interface’s properties and methods, see:

Authorization API details

App-specific configuration API details

Pasteboard policy API details

Drag and drop policy API details

Open In policy API details

Print policy API details

Log messages API details

Secure services API details

Version property

Caching tunneled URL responses

Encryption keys for custom cryptography

iOS active state change notifications due to AppConnect control switches

The AppConnect interface also provides methods specifically for dual-mode apps. These methods are described in Developing third-party dual-mode apps.