AppConnect overview

AppConnect is a feature that containerizes apps to protect data on iOS and Android devices. Each AppConnect-enabled app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removable. Because each user has multiple business apps, each app container is also connected to other secure app containers. This connection allows the AppConnect-enabled apps to share data, like documents. Polices and configurations set up in an Ivanti unified endpoint management (UEM) platform are used to manage AppConnect-enabled apps.

The Ivanti UEM are Ivanti Neurons for MDM and MobileIron Core.

While AppConnect protects data on a device -- data-at-rest, another Ivanti feature, AppTunnel, protects data as it moves between a device and enterprise data sources -- data-in-motion. AppTunnel is an Ivanti feature that provides secure tunneling and access control to enterprise data sources. App-by-app session security protects the connection between each app container and the corporate network. AppTunnel is particularly useful when an organization does not want to open up VPN access to all apps on the device. This feature requires a Standalone Sentry configured to support app tunneling.