Required app development

Understanding AppConnect for Android wrapping limitations

AppConnect for Android wrapping technology does not support all Android coding capabilities. Details are listed in Capabilities and limitations of apps you can wrap.

Before submitting an app for wrapping, review the supported app capabilities and the limitations. Make necessary changes to the app, if any, and verify the app’s behavior.

Using AppTunnel with HTTP/S tunneling

Using Ivanti’s AppTunnel feature, a secure enterprise app can securely tunnel HTTP and HTTPS network connections from the app to servers behind a company’s firewall. If the app already uses specific, commonly used APIs to access enterprise servers with HTTP/HTTPS connections, no additional development is necessary to use standard AppTunnel. Otherwise, additional development is necessary to change to the required APIs.

Inform the Ivanti server administrator that your app requires AppTunnel with HTTP/S tunneling. The administrator requires this information to correctly configure AppTunnel on the server for your app.

For more information, see AppTunnel with HTTP/S tunneling.

All AppConnect apps can use AppTunnel with TCP tunneling to secure data-in-motion between the app and corporate resources with no additional development. See AppTunnel with TCP tunneling.

Handling app-specific configuration

With some straightforward additional development, an app can receive app-specific configuration from the Ivanti server.

Inform the Ivanti server administrator the details about your app-specific configuration. The administrator requires this information to provide correct configuration values to your app from the Ivanti server.

For more information, see Legacy mechanism for handling AppConnect app-specific configuration.