Custom Device Enrollment

Get MDM profile

Applicable to iOS 13.0 and macOS 10.15 and later versions as supported by Ivanti EPMM. You use this call when interacting with a custom device enrollment web page. See the section "Workflow of the custom Device Enrollment web page" in the Ivanti EPMM Device Management Guide for iOS and macOS (version and later) for complete details. For example, for versions 11.x, this is the link. You can find all Ivanti EPMM documentation here.

Required Role

See Authentication for complete details on ensuring that the credentials you use for basic authentication belong to a user with the necessary role for this API call.


Required Role

Category: Device Management

Role Description: Manage device enrollment (iOS only)

HTTP method


Request URI


Request parameters



Sample Value



Parameter Type: Query

Data Type: Number

Default: 0

Device space ID of the administrator.




Header Type: Request header

Data Type: String

This is the custom header, x-apple-aspen-deviceinfo, that an Apple device presents when it accesses the custom enrollment URL. It contains a base64 encoding of a CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) envelope that contains a plist with device attributes.




Parameter Type: Query

Data Type: String

Ivanti EPMM user to associate to the Device Enrollment profile's device.

This value corresponds to the return field principal shown below when you get user info using Devices & Users > Users in the user interface:


    "rc": true,

    "total": 2,

    "generationTime": 1598854110957,

    "offset": 0,

    "results": [


            "uuid": "4a4790b2-91bd-4c1c-9449-d31f8d1b1bee",

            "id": 9045,

            "principal": "C23404779_User_70229196",

            "deviceSpaceId": 1,

            "deviceSpacePath": "/1/",

            "roles": [




Sample request

curl -X POST --header 'deviceInfo: <deviceinfo received as part of initial GET ' "https://<EPMM host name>/api/v2/external/mdm/config/DEPMDMProfile?adminDeviceSpaceId=1&principal=C23404779_User_70229196"