Creating a new Android Enterprise configuration

Administrators will need to create a new Android Enterprise configuration for the closed network or for an AOSP deployment, and then add the new configuration to a label.

  1. Go to Policies & Configs > Configs.

  2. Click Add New > Android enterprise Setting.

  3. The New Android enterprise (all modes) Setting dialog box opens.

  4. Enter a Name and Description.

  5. Select the Enable Closed Network/AOSP deployment check box. All other options in the dialog box become hidden except Enable Runtime Permissions.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Apply a label to the configuration.

Important considerations:

If two Android Enterprise configurations (one with Android for Work and one with AOSP) are pushed to the same device, the Android for Work configuration takes priority.

As FCM services will not be available, Ivanti recommends administrators to modify the Sync Policy > Sync Interval field to 30 minutes or to the lowest value as needed by the administrator.

Once the Enable Closed Network/AOSP deployment check box in the Android Enterprise Setting (configuration) dialog box is enabled, after saving, the option will be greyed out. There is no option for the administrator to disable it. As a workaround, the administrator should either remove the label or delete the configuration.

Next steps 

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