Using Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search is helpful for searching through a large amount of devices.


  1. Select Devices & Users > Devices, and click the carat (^) next to the relevant device. The Device Details tab displays.
  2. Click All to combine the criteria with a logical AND. Click Any to combine the criteria with OR.
  3. In Field, type in Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Status or select Common Fields > Mobile Threat Defense Status.
  4. Select an operator, such as Equals.

  5. In the Select Type field, choose the Value to search on. The predetermined values that you can select are:

    • Protected: Indicates the MTD activation token has been sent to the device, the token is valid, MTD is activated and scanning is operating on the device.
    • N/A: Indicates that there is no Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense configuration on the device.
    • Error: Indicates the MTD activation token has been sent to the device but there were errors. Threat scanning is not enabled. See the table in Checking Mobile Threat Defense status for definitions of error messages.
    • Unknown: Indicates MTD Activation token accepted but the status of MTD scanning on the device is unknown. Not applicable to iOS devices.
  6. Click Search. The results display in the bottom half of the screen.