Configuring TRM notification and mitigation actions

In this procedure, you configure the notifications and mitigation actions that apply to both iOS and Android devices.


  1. In the MTD threat management console, select Policy. The Mobile Threat Response Policy page opens.
  2. Use the pull-down menu in the Selected Group field to select a Ivanti Neurons for MDM configuration group you set up in Creating compliance policy rules and device groups.
  3. Configure the available options. See Configuring TRM notification and mitigation actions.
  4. Click Deploy to deploy the policy on your devices.

    • The Threat column displays the supported threat that can be detected by the client.
    • The Device Action column displays the action taken after a threat is detected. This is an optional configuration.

After you modify these options, click Deploy to send/sync the new TRM to the devices currently logged in. When integrated /synced with Ivanti Neurons for MDM, each group used for integration is created as a group with its own TRM. Select which TRM to modify with the pull-down menu next to the Selected Group field. Only users and devices in the selected group receive the modified TRM. See below for a sample TRM.

You must manually sync (deploy) the MTD console with Ivanti Neurons for MDM. This aligns the custom attributes in Ivanti Neurons for MDM with the TRM settings.