Enabling the Reporting Database

To configure the Reporting Database:


  1. Log into the Reporting Database System Manager from:
    https://<RDB SERVER>:8443/mics/mics.html

  2. Go to Settings > Reporting Database > Actions > Add Core.

  3. In the Core URL field, enter https://<Ivanti EPMM host name>:7443/mireport.

  4. In the Token field, paste the token that you copied in Configuring the Exporter.

  5. Click Test Connection to confirm that the Ivanti EPMM instance is reachable.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Go to Settings > Services > Reporting Database.

  8. Select Enable for Reporting Database, and then click Apply.

  9. Go to Maintenance > Reboot.

  10. Click Reboot.