Configuring Enterprise Connectors

After the Enterprise Connector is installed and configured on Ivanti EPMM, you can configure the settings on the Connector.


  1. Gather the following information from Adding Enterprise Connector entries :

    • Name: The name you gave the Enterprise Connector
    • URL: The URL that you copied from the Enterprise Connector detailed information earlier.
    • User ID/password: The one to which the Connector role was assigned in Assigning the Connector role.
  2. Log in to the Connector (https://<fully-qualified_domain_name:8443>/mics).

  3. Select Connector from the left panel to open the Connector Settings page.

  4. Enter the Connector name in the Name field.

    The Connector name must match the name created on Ivanti EPMM. It is case sensitive.

  5. Enter the Connector URL in the corresponding field.

  6. Select Yes for private deployment that accepts the self-signed certificates. The default is No. Contact Customer Support for more information.

  7. Enter the user ID and password in the respective fields.

    This is the Connector user and role created on Ivanti EPMM.

  8. Re-type to confirm the password.

  9. Click the check box for Outbound Proxy Required. Use the following guidelines to specify the settings:

    Table 27.  Outbound proxy settings



    Proxy Host Name / IP

    Enter the Proxy server host name or IP address.

    Proxy Port

    Enter the port on which the Proxy server is listening.

    The default is set as 8080.

    Proxy Authentication Required

    Click the check box if authentication is required for the proxy server.

    Only HTTP basic authentication is supported.

    Proxy User ID

    Enter the User ID for the proxy server.

    Proxy User Password

    Enter the password for the proxy server.

    Proxy User Confirm Password

    Re-enter the password.

  10. Click Apply. A dialog appears prompting you to confirm that you want to proceed.

    Apply saves the configuration in the current session only. It is not persistent after the machine reboots.

  11. Click OK to return to the Connector Configuration page.
  12. Click Save in the upper-right corner to make the configuration persistent after the machine reboots.

    The configuration must be saved before it can be tested.

  13. Click Test to validate the configuration. A dialog appears displaying the status.