Mounting and installing the Ivanti EPMM ISO image on an M2700 appliance

The procedures for mounting the Ivanti EPMM ISO image have changed with the introduction of the Ivanti EPMM M2700 appliance and the Ivanti EPMM release. The mounting process occurs from the Intel® Integrated baseboard management controller web console (BMC console) using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0 SOL protocol.

See M2700 Series appliance for specifications for this appliance.

A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required for the following steps, unless HTML5 is supported by your browser, and a JRE is not installed.


  1. Navigate to the BMC console.

  2. Click the Remote Control tab and select KVM Console Redirection.

  3. From the KVM/Console Redirection page, click Launch Console.

    Systems that do not have a valid Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed use HTML5. The following steps require a JRE.

  4. A Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) file is downloaded to your local device. Save the file at the prompt.

  5. Open launch.jnpl (the file that was downloaded). When a security warning opens, click Continue.

  6. Another security warning opens, warning of possible security risks by allowing these types of applications to run on your machine.
    Click I accept the risk and want to run this application, and click Run.

  7. In the pop-up window, enter your BMC log in credentials, and click Login.

  8. Another warning opens: "JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files required by AES-256 are not installed on the client side. Switch to AES-128 instead."
    Click OK.

  9. A console screen opens. In the upper-left, click Virtual Media > Virtual Storage.

  10. A Virtual Storage pop-up window opens. Provide the following settings for the virtual storage devices:

    1. Logical Drive Type: Select ISO File.
      The Image File Name and Full Path field is enabled.
    2. Image File Name and Full Path : Click Open Image.
      You must have previously downloaded a copy of the ISO image to your local device to populate the image this way. The Ivanti EPMM image begins mounting on the Ivanti EPMM M2700 appliance. When complete, the connection status displays in the Connection Status History field.
  11. After mounting, reboot the appliance using the console screen command Power Control > Power Reset.

  12. After rebooting, a menu window opens, asking you to select the boot device. If you mounted the ISO via Virtual Media, it's going to appear as a Virtual CDROM. If a USB stick is plugged into the server, then it will show a USB device.

    Select the option UEFI USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive 0.00 and Enter.

  13. From the console screen, use the arrow keys to select the correct option for your installation:

    • IPMI: Install Ivanti EPMM
    • USB: Install Ivanti EPMM from USB
  14. Click Enter. Ivanti EPMM begins installing on your M2700 appliance. A successful installation displays the Ivanti EPMM CLI banner on the console. The installation script continues, displaying status on the console. This may take several minutes.