Dashboard and Reports Configuration Guide

Dashboard and Report Overview

A dashboard is an interface used to manage the Pulse Secure access management framework. It provides an integrated view of all devices and users accessing the network, their device profile information, authentication methods used to gain access, device posture compliance and so on.

A report is an element of a dashboard used to convey complex data in simplified formats. Pulse Secure access management framework collects log and configuration data from across your network, and it then aggregates the data into reports for you to view and analyze. It provides a standard set of predefined reports that you can use and customize to fit your needs. The reports are grouped into logical categories for information related to authentication, session traffic, device administration, configuration and administration, and troubleshooting.

You can use the system dashboard and reports to analyze system utilization.

When there is no data available for some duration:

the new UI shows this data with '0' value

the classical UI skips showing this data

An investigation is required only if any one of the graphs shows a drop for some duration in both new UI and classical UI.