Team Folders

At Topology > Teams, you can configure Teams. By grouping Teams in folders, you can:

  • configure permissions on groups of Teams. See Administrative Roles.
  • configure trusted Modules and Resources for a Team folder. See Trusts.


  • When adding or editing a Team folder, use the Trusts tab to define trusted Modules and Resources. The Trusts tab is only available when Trusts Security is enabled.
    • Use the Trusted Modules tab to define trusted Modules.
    • Use the Trusted Resources tab to define trusted Resources.
  • A Team folder can have explicit Trusts or inherit its Trusts from its parent folder.
  • Use the search bar to search for specific objects.
  • You can use the following settings when configuring Trusts:
    • Do not trust: If this setting is selected, the selected item is not trusted. For example, if you are configuring Trusts on a specific Agent and specify that the Module Delete Ivanti Automation Results is not trusted by the Agent, the Module will fail when used in a Job that is executed by the Agent.
    • Trust: If this setting is selected, the selected item is trusted. This is the default setting. Depending on whether a full Trust exists with the item, it is possible to use the item in a Job. For example, if you are configuring Trusts on a specific Module and specify that Agent ONE is trusted by the Module, the Agent is allowed to use the Module in a Job.
    • Inherit trust: If no particular settings are selected (blank check box), the item will inherit the Trusts from the above lying item. Trusts that are inherited from an above lying item are grayed out and show the type and name of this item, except when this is the top level folder: The Trusts of each top level folder use the default setting (Trust). These Trusts are shown in black and it is not possible to change their settings.
  • All items that are shown on the various Trusts tabs are subject to the access permissions of the administrative role(s) of the Console user.
  • Select Show only items that trust this ... to filter on items that already trust the Agent, Team, Team folder, Module, Module folder, Resource or Resource folder that you are editing. When Trusts are enabled, Agents can only execute Jobs with Modules and Resources when a full Trust exists between them (i.e. the Module or Resource is trusted by the Agent AND the Agent is trusted by the Module or Resource). By using a filter, it becomes easier to create full Trusts.
    • Filtering the Trusts tab may take some time, especially in large environments with many Agents, Modules and Resources. When selecting the option, a popup window is therefore shown, showing the progress. If necessary, you can cancel the filtering.
    • If an item does not trust the item that you are editing, it will not be shown. Folders will be shown with an overlay icon.
    • This option requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (Full version) or higher to be installed on the machine that runs the Console.

Availability of the Trusts tab depends on the global setting Trusts Security. See Trusts.