Prerequisites for the deployment of Ivanti Automation components

All components require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8, including the Console.

Ivanti Automation supports the following operating systems:

Windows Server version


Windows Server 2022


Windows Server 2019  

Windows Server 2016


Windows Server 2012 R2


Windows Server 2012


Windows version


Windows 11


Windows 10


Windows 8.1


Other prerequisites


Component prerequisites

Microsoft SQL Server


  • No active Windows Firewall. Disabling the Firewall may be considered a security risk. Alternatively, you can:
    • Enable File and Printer Sharing for the required profile from the Advanced Sharing Settings in the Network and Sharing Center.
    • Enable the File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In) Firewall rule for the required profile.
  • Remote Registry service enabled.
  • Simple File Sharing (or Use Sharing Wizard) disabled.
  • IPC$ enabled.

Microsoft Azure SQL

Consoles and Dispatchers

  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client


Consoles and Dispatchers

  • IBM DB2 OLEDB provider

Oracle DB

Consoles and Dispatchers

  • Oracle DB driver
  • When deploying components from the Console, disable the User Account Control feature, as this feature does not support silent installations.
  • The deployment of Dispatchers on 64-bit machines requires the installation of the 64-bit version of the necessary database drivers on these machines. The other components of Ivanti Automation use the 32-bit version of these database drivers. If it is not possible to use both versions on the same 64-bit machine simultaneously, it is not possible to use a Console and a Dispatcher on this machine that both point to the same Datastore.
  • If you want to deploy a Console or a Dispatcher manually and your environment connects to a Microsoft SQL Server-based Datastore using Windows Authentication, provide the parameters scuser and scpassword to specify the server account credentials during installation. This must be the same service account credentials as you specified in the Ivanti Automation Console.

You can use Ivanti Automation to install the database drivers on computers to which a Dispatcher or Console needs to be deployed:

  1. Manually install the appropriate database driver on a computer.
  2. Deploy a Dispatcher on this computer.
  3. Deploy an Agent on all computers on which you want to deploy a Console or Dispatcher.
  4. Install the database driver on the target computers using the Task Invoke Windows Installer or Perform Unattended Installation.
  5. Deploy Dispatchers on these computers.
  6. Optionally, remove the Agents from these computers.

You can also use this method to migrate an existing Ivanti Automation environment from an SQL database to a DB2 database. Before you do this, create a Building Block of your Library as a backup.