In the Management Portal, at Setup, you can manage the following areas of your environment:

  • Datastore connection settings for the Management Portal
  • Authentication settings for the Identity Broker
  • Public API for Ivanti Automation
  • Configuration settings of Reporting for Ivanti Automation

In the Console, at Setup, you can configure other basics of your Ivanti Automation environment:

  • Database: create a new Datastore and configure the Datastore connection settings
  • Licensing: manage your Ivanti Automation licenses
  • Ivanti Identity Director integration: configure the integration with Ivanti Identity Director into your environment
  • Task Visibility: configure which Tasks are visible in the Select Task window
  • Add-ons: view all installed Add-ons and delete them from your Ivanti Automation environment
  • Global Settings: configure the general behavior of your Ivanti Automation environment

See Help in the Console for more information.