At Setup > Environment, you can:

  • view the connection settings to the current Datastore or connect to a different existing Datastore in relation to the Ivanti Automation Management Portal.
  • specify the authentication settings for the Identity Broker.
  • view the Public Web API for the Ivanti Automation Management Portal.
  • The Properties tab shows general information about the Datastore.
  • The Size tab shows information about the size of the Datastore. This tab is not available when using a Datastore located on an IBM DB2 database server.

After a fresh installation of Ivanti Automation, the Ivanti Automation Management Portal must be pointed to an existing Datastore, or a new Datastore must be created in the Ivanti Automation Console.

Supported database types

The Ivanti Automation Management Portal also supports Datastores using AES-256 encryption.



Explanation and Tips

Database type

Select the type of database server to which you want to connect:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • IBM DB2

Database server

Specify the name of the relevant database server.

Login and password

Specify the user name and password of the DBA account that has access to the database. When using Microsoft SQL Server, it is possible to use a password containing special characters. The following special characters are escaped in the connection string: " ' ; { }

Database name

Specify the name for the Datastore.

Authentication (Automation)

Select this option to enable authentication via login accounts configured in the Ivanti Automation Console. Only valid login accounts using Microsoft Windows Authentication or Ivanti Automation Authentication are able to access the Management Portal. Users with a domain (domain\user or user@domain) and local account are allowed to log in.

Authentication (Identity Broker)

Alternatively, Ivanti Identity Broker can be used as a centralized authentication service. Select this option to enable and configure the authentication settings for the Identity Broker.

For more information, please refer to Getting Started with the Ivanti Identity Broker, available at https://help.ivanti.com.

Public API

Enable and click Explore to view the Public API and execute actions

Command line API tool

Download the executable (wmc.exe) and configuration file (wmc.exe.config) for the Management Portal and use the command-line options to execute actions