Add a new Resource

At Resources, you can configure Resources. Resources can contain any file that is needed to perform a certain Task, such as .MSI files, setup files, patches, hotfixes, etc.

To add a new Resource:

  1. Select New from Resources.
  2. Choose the Resource type and provide the file(s) (name, location or contents) that should be stored as a Resource.
  3. Optionally, choose a specific folder and/or add a description.
  4. Click Save.

The Resource has been saved. When viewing or changing the configuration details of an existing Resource, the following page opens.

Resource configuration details

Resource tab

  • Use the Resource tab to view or change the file(s). You cannot change the Resource type after it is saved.

Properties tab

  • Use the Properties tab to view the properties of the selected file. This tab is only applicable for Resources that are stored in the Datastore or that are located on a file share.

Contents tab

  • Use the Contents tab to configure the contents of the Resource package. This tab is only available for Resources that are stored as Ivanti Automation Resource Packages.
    • Click Add or Delete to build the contents of the Resource Package.
    • Click Extract to extract a file in the Resource package to an external folder.
    • If necessary, click the add (resource_plus), rename (resource_rename) or delete (resource_minus) button to rebuild the folder structure of the software package manually.

Usage tab

  • Use the Usage tab to view in which Modules, Projects, and/or Run Books the Resource is used.
  • Click the Modules, Projects or Run Books to jump to the specific item in the Library.

Versioning tab

  • Use the Versioning tab to view a list of changes made to the Resource, including all known versions of the Resource. See Version Control.
  • Click the expand (collapse_arrow_right) button to view the details of the change grouped by date.
  • Click the browse (browse) button from the Current Version field to change the version number manually.

Trusts tab

  • Use the Trusts tab to define trusted Agents and Teams for the Resource. This tab is only shown if Trusts Security has been enabled. See also Trusts.

Permissions tab

  • Use the Permissions tab to view the level of access that Console users have to the Resource.