Install the Relay Server component

  • We advise against installing a Relay Server on a machine that is also running an Agent, mainly because:

    • If the Agent machine shuts down, the Relay Server would also be unavailable.

    • In sites upgraded from versions prior to Workspace Control 2012, uninstalling the Agent also uninstalls the Relay Server component on that machine.

  • The deployment of Relay Servers on 64-bit machines that are directly connected to the Datastore, requires the installation of the 64-bit version of the necessary database drivers on these machines. The other components of Workspace Control use the 32-bit version of these database drivers. It may not be possible to use 32 and 64 bit drivers versions simultaneously on the same 64-bit machine, so it wouldn't be possible to use a Console and a Relay Server on this machine, both connected to the same Datastore.