Connect Relay Servers

The first Relay Server in your environment must connect directly to the Datastore. Subsequent Relay Servers can connect to the Datastore or to parent Relay Servers.

The connections of a specific Relay Server are configured during or after the installation, depending on the installation method used. See Install the Relay Server component.

The Relay Server Configuration tool

Use this tools to view and manage the Relay Server's connections to Workspace Control environments.

  1. Choose a Listening port between 1024 and 65535, that is not used by any other process on this machine. If a value lower than 1024 is entered, this port number will automatically be changed to 1024 when saving. If a value higher than 65535 is entered, this port number will automatically be changed to 65535 when saving. If the Relay Server is installed on a computer that is also an Agent, port 1942 cannot be used as the listening port for the Relay Server.

  2. If no certificates are installed on the machine, select Relay Server Self Signed Certificate in Certificate field. For connection authentication, see Relay server certificates.

  3. Ivanti recommends using self-signed certificates only for testing purposes, not in a production environment.

  4. You can override the Default cache location. Per connected environment, a sub folder is created in %ProgramData%\Ivanti\Relay Server serves as cache location.

  5. Click Add to open the Relay Server Connection Wizard.


After you finished the setting in the configuration tool, you can select Save as XML to export the list of environments and their settings to an XML file that you can use later when installing another similar Relay Server.

In an environment with cascaded Relay Servers where more than 50,000 transactions exist in the queue of one of the Relay Servers, the Relay Server will not accept new transactions from an Agent or another Relay Server until the queue has been reduced. This is to avoid problems such as that files in the Temporary folder are not cleaned up correctly, or refused transactions are not retried by an Agent or another Relay Server.