Workspace Control offers two license types: Named User and Concurrent. (See Licensing Model)

  • Named User licenses are based on the Microsoft Windows logon name of single users.
  • Concurrent User licenses used in earlier versions of Workspace Control can still be used after upgrading to this version of Workspace Control and can be used alongside Named User Licenses. Concurrent User licenses are based on the number of simultaneous User Workspace sessions.
    • Upon request, Concurrent User licenses can still be purchased for Workspace Control.

When Workspace Control is installed, an evaluation license for 25 Named Users is made available automatically, as well as an evaluation license for Ivanti VDX for 25 VDX clients. During the evaluation period, you can easily switch between the different Workspace Control Modules by clicking the Module(s) link. This allows you to try out the different sets of functionalities that Workspace Control modules offer. See Select Workspace Control Modules.

Evaluation licenses are valid for 45 days, after which Workspace Control automatically blocks user sessions. To use VDX and other modules of Workspace Control after the evaluation period, you need to buy licenses from your reseller or activate Workspace Control Core.

After licenses have been imported, it is no longer possible to switch between modules. You can add new modules by buying additional Module licenses.


  • At Setup > Licensing, click Get Licenses to obtain (additional) licenses. This opens a web page with contact details of resellers.
  • To activate Workspace Control Core, first deselect the paid modules (Composition, Governance, Security), then open the License Wizard or click the Get Licenses button.
  • Click View to view the details of a license (not applicable for built-in evaluation licenses and site licenses).
  • Click Delete to delete a license (not applicable for built-in evaluation licenses and site licenses).
  • Click License Wizard to import, register and activate Workspace Control licenses. You can also use this wizard for VDX licenses (not available when using Workspace Control Core).
  • Use License alerting threshold in combination with the Alerting event License threshold reached (at Setup > Integration > Alerting, on the Events tab) to set up an alert before all licenses have been claimed. This enables you to take action before users are not able to log on because no licenses are available in the Datastore.
    To actually show the alert, you must configure the License threshold reached event (at Alerting). Setting the License alerting threshold to 0 or leaving it blank, disables the alert.
    The License alerting threshold only applies to licenses for Workspace Control. It does not take into account or monitor licenses for VDX.
  • Use If no license is available at logon to set up a licensing policy that specifies what should happen if no license is available when a user starts a workspace session.
    • Continue with limited functionality: If no (evaluation) licenses are available when a user logs on, a message will be shown to the user: "There is no license available. Workspace Control will start a restricted session that offers only limited functionality. Please contact your administrator." The user can still log on, but only Workspace Control Core functionality will be available. The event of no available licenses will also be logged in the Event log with an exclamation mark.
    • Continue with reminder for 45 days: If no licenses are available when a user logs on, the user can still use Workspace Control with full functionality for 45 days, but a reminder is shown to the user: "No Workspace Control license is available. An unlicensed session will start after a short delay.
      In [x] days, you will not be able to start any session. Please ask your administrator to buy additional licenses."
      The event of no available licenses is logged in the User Event log and in the Error log (once every 24 hours). Then, a countdown is started and if, after 45 days, there is still no license available, the user will not be able to start any session until additional licenses have been added.
    • Do not continue, log off: If no (evaluation) licenses are available when a user logs on, a message is shown to the user ("No Workspace Control license available for session"). The user will be logged off automatically and an entry will be logged in the User Event Log ("Workspace Control cannot continue because no licenses are available").
  • The setting Continue with reminder for 45 days for the option If no license is available at logon, is not available during evaluation.
  • If you move a Workspace Control Core SQL database, and the database creation date changes, then the Workspace Control environment will revert to Evaluation mode with a default 25 user limit. In that case, you need to re-activate the licenses again by clicking Get Free Licenses. This will activate your licenses immediately for an unlimited number of users and without expiration date.